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About us

Oldam 올담

Oldam means ‘rightfully placed’ in Korean. Our products are made with the care of a mother’s heart.

For your dear baby, and other family members, Oldam will make it right!


OLDAM is a Korean brand which produces various types of
wet wipes such as flushable wipes and baby wipes.

OLDAM’s motto is ‘Honesty’, which is our belief.

Oldam first objective is to keep your family healthy and safe.

It is proved by the fact of using natural fabrics and ingredients.

Oldam Vision


OLDAM always thinks of your baby and family first.
We are continously testing our products for safety and producing based on the ‘cosmetic safety standard’.


As our belief is 'Honesty', we promise that we will do our best to apply reviews from consumers and make better products.
With a better product, we can make a better life.

Natural Extracts

We make our products with natural extract, without alcohol, phenoxyethanol, and MIT.
We use Phytoncide extracts of Jeju Island for Baby Wipes, and plantain extracts for Flushable Wipes.

Oldam dreaming of a better tomorrow

Oldam wet wipes have acquired the “excellent” grade of Dermatest, a skin irritation testing agency in Germany, and have been certified with an irritation index of 0 through the Primary Skin Irritation test by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Oldam is safely produced in accordance with the ‘Cosmetic Safety Standards’ and is undergoing continuous safety testing

Baby Wipes Made Honest