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10 Alternative Uses for Baby Wipes

  • Clean your house! There are aisles and aisles of different cleaners to dust, wipe, and sanitize your home. In a pinch, baby wipes can work wonders at cleaning your home.
  • Spills! Accidents are happening every day in the house, mostly the kids but sometimes adults. Baby wipes sop up the mess and leave no stickiness. 
  • Cooling wipes! With the humid and heat in Singapore, throwing a pack of baby wipes in the fridge and then in the diaper bag is a great way to have handy cool, moist towels to wipe the sweat from your brow that day. 
  • Beach days! In addition to the heat, beach days screams fun. In these activity, extra wipes are handy at removing sand and excess sunscreen.
  • Makeup remover! Some nights you can barely make it to bed fast enough. Grabbing wipes to clean off your makeup is convenient and better than waking up the next morning with raccoon eyes, eek!  
  • Stain remover! Baby wipes can help remove stains immediately from clothes. They are also great at removing white deodorant residue from shirts. 
  • Whiteboard/chalkboard! Wiping these boards with wipes will guarantee a clear and clean surface. 
  • Pets! Wipes can help reduce pet dander when you use on their fur. They can also be handy while on a walk and you forget the poop bags, whoops! 
  • Toilet paper substitute! When you are out and about the toilet paper isn’t always the best quality or even filled! When having wipes handy you know no matter where you go you’ll be feeling fresh and clean. Flushable wipes will come in handy.
  • Big kid cleaner-upper! Babies aren’t the only mess makers. Kids love to play with paint, in the dirt, and drop food on clothes. Wipes are always helpful to make everyday messes less intense.
  • Bonus suggestion-Ear plugs! Wipes can be placed in the ear and make a wonderful barrier between your child’s 900th question or when your husband is asking you what’s for dinner.