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Oldam 올담
All natural wet wipes made perfectly for your baby

Oldam wet wipes have obtained the “excellent” grade of Dermatest, a skin irritation testing agency in Germany, and have been certified with an irritation index of 0 through the Primary Skin Irritation test by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Introducing the new series...

Dermatest Excellent

German Derma Test Skin Irritation Test Excellent Grade

Natural Ingredients

All Safe & Natural Ingredients. Approved by the FDA


Thick and Moist Embossed Fabric

One-Touch Cap

Convenient & Hygenic Premium One-Touch Cap

Dust Free

Free from dust and lint after cleaning.

99.9% Purified Water

With a meticulous water purification system, 99.9% of micro-organisms and foreign matter is removes. Only purified water is used.

Cryptomeria from Jeju Saryeoni Forest

Contains extracts of clean natural plants in Jeju Island. Keeps skin fresh, soothing and moisturised.

Free Delivery

Free local delivery for orders above $80.

Put it right OLDAM 올담 For our precious baby, for our precious family, for myself, Oldam will make it right. Oldam will always support customers so that the happy daily life of our family can continue.

Oldam 올담
VeganPick Series

Made by nature for your precious baby.
Portable/Travel Baby Wipes
Natural Baby Wet Wipes
Natural Detergent & Softener

VeganPick Series

Oldam is safely manufactured under the Cosmetic Safety Standards and is undergoing continuous safety testing.
Use with confidence for the whole family.

Featured Products

Made with the best of Nature

PETA Certified Cruelty-Free and Vegan Laundry Detergent & Baby Wipes

VeganPick excludes animal testing in all procedures and does not contain any animal derived ingredients.


The premium embossing baby wipe is moist, thick and larger than other wipes.
I only need 1 wipe for my baby diaper change!
Rebecca CHAN
Premium Embossing Baby Wipes


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